Embrace the Shruggie

  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I first read about this little guy on Mashable. He apparently goes by the name of Shruggie….which is pretty darn adorable. Motivated by this adorableness (and the super handy ability to graphically convey a shrug), I spent ten minutes adding Shruggie to my keyboard shortcuts. And, man, have I used Shruggie. It’s only been […]

Demystifying The World of Web : But What Do You Actually Do?

  Web design is a weird mixed-bag of talents, titles and personalties. That’s what makes it so delightful, but also a wee bit confusing. When I tell people that I’m a web designer, their response is generally positive but usually accompanied with the follow up question: so what do you actually do? To be honest, […]

How I Learned to Love the Bootstrap

When I was first introduced to Bootstrap, Twitter’s responsive grid-based framework, I’ll admit, I was skeptical. Adding all those divs and classes just seemed so intuitively wrong after we had learned the importance of semantic coding and web. And those components….oh man. You could have a half decent site up in no time if you […]